Saturday, 15 July 2017

Top things to know about #shrikhand mahadev yatra.

Shrikhand 39-40Km trek one side & both side 78-80Km trek. Located 16900 feet feet above sea level. move slowly and continuously.


Do not forget to carry a stick together during the Shrikhand Yatra. This will make your trip quite enjoyable.

Keep things as important as medicines, rainwear, food and drink items. Due to high altitude, rain ever starts raining, due to walking, we have to sweat and due to which the cold can take place. Therefore, medicines should be taken along with cold and muscular pain.

Try to move immediately after the sun rise and see the condition of staying before sunset. Do not walk during the night.

Trek can be done in less than 4 days (20 kilometers per day). Shrikhand Mahadev Yatra will begin officially after July 15 2017, in which all necessary facilities will be provided by the administration.

If you live alone, then it will be painted with red-yellow color. Let's go along with the stones. This is the trek.

Many times, the trek of Shrikhand does not appear in the mist. Let's go together in such a situation.


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