Monday, 18 September 2017

Top Seven Restaurant on mall road Shimla.

Hotel Combermare :-Combermare situated Near HPTDC Lift or opposite Indira Gandhi Khel Parisar.

Asiana Restaurant :- Asiana Restaurant is a HPTDC's Restaurant on Ridge madan with beautiful View of Shimla

Himani Restaurant & Bar :- you need some hard drink with food Himani Restaurant is best option on the mall raod Shimla. opposite Giaty Theater Shimla.

Baljee's Restaurant :-  Baljee's famous for his sweets also serve tasty food. on the mall raod Shimla.

Alfa Restaurant :- Alfa restaurant situatedon mall raod Shimla. Opposite Scandal Point Shimla.

Indian Cafe House :- Indian cafe hose on of the oldest restarant on mall raod shimla serving his services from last 60 years.

The Devicos Restaurant & Bar :- The Devicos Restaurant & bar serve wonderful food on the mall raod shimla for gest.


David aarons said...

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